Smooth Top Mattress Encasement Protector Cover

Smooth Top Mattress Encasement Protector Cover
Smooth Top Mattress Encasement Protector Cover
Smooth Top Mattress Encasement Protector Cover
Smooth Top Mattress Encasement Protector Cover
$ 33.99
  • Patented 360 Zipper Enclosure w/ Bed Bug Banisher, Breathable 100% Waterproof Noiseless 6-Sided Protection - (11"- 15" Depth)
  • Main Panel: 100% Polyester Knit / Lining: 100 Polyurethane Laminate / Body: 100% Polyester/Polyurethane
  • SOLID WATERPROOF PROTECTION: Our mattress protector will offer you a full mattress protection against spills and bed wetting accidents. With its thin membrane of polyurethane backing, compared to cheap plastic barriers that other mattress pads or toppers use, this firm and cozy bed cover will prevent perspiration, leaks and stains from penetrating and eventually damaging your mattress.
  • A BREATHABLE, SKIN-FRIENDLY FABRIC BLEND: This mattress protector is crafted with a top quality breathable, cotton/terry cloth blend (80% cotton, 20% polyester terry cloth), that will let your skin breathe offering a soft and cooling sensation along with improving quality of sleep. With its easy fit and deep pockets, except for protecting your mattress against side spills, you will enjoy a noiseless and quiet night’s sleep, as no irritating crinkling sounds will disrupt your rest.
  • A HYPOALLERGENIC BARRIER TO PROTECT YOUR BEDDING: Allergens, bed bugs and dust mites find their safe haven in your mattress, making them one of the top allergy causes. This hypoallergenic mattress cover is here to offer you full protection and relief from bed bugs and bacteria that are responsible for asthma, eczema, rhinitis and other respiratory issues.
  • EASY TO MAINTAIN: The CushyBeds mattress protector topper will fully absorb any kind of moisture, perspiration and other bodily fluids. So, when the time comes and you need to clean your mattress cover, you will not be troubled as its easy fit makes it a piece of cake to remove and wash it. Machine washable as it is, you will be able to enjoy its protection in no time at all.
  • 10 YEAR WARRANTY: You can rest assured that we use the highest quality materials and our mattress protector went through stringent quality control testing. This is why we offer you solid assurance that this hypoallergenic bed cover will fully protect your mattress from dust mites, spills, bed bugs and bacteria for many years to come.


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